Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Unsocialized Homeschoolers?

So this isn't about becoming a Proverbs 31 woman, but it's still good (look for that tomorrow or Thursday).

Socialization: Homeschooling vs. Schools

This is an interesting article which presents the unpopular view that homeschooling is actually better for a child than public school.
"[Dr. Thomas Smedley] conducted a study...to identify mature and well-adapted behaviors in children. Home learners ranked in the 84th percentile, compared to publicly schooled students, who were drastically lower in the 23rd."
I have found that being homeschooled didn't just prepare me for college academically, it did in fact prepare me socially. Spending quality time not just in the company of people my age, but with (many!) older siblings and two parents helped to instill ideals and beliefs in me that will stick long after my diploma fades.
Interestingly the article also notes:
"Christian producer and occult expert Caryl Matrisciana reports that 75 percent of public-schooled American youth brought up in Christian households disown their Christian faith by the first year of college. NHERI finds that this is only true for less than four percent of homeschooled youth."
While I have known and do know many Christians who have survived the battle grounds that are our public schools, I would not trade my homeschooling education for anything.

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Hannah said...

Thanks for linking to that article. I hadn't seen it before, and it strikes me as interesting.
(Found your site through The Attic.)
Keep up the great work on your blog!