Thursday, October 4, 2007

Revival of... football players?

The Detroit Lions are starting a revival. And it's not in new sportswear.

Quarterback Jon Kitna is the starting quarterback of a top NFL team in 2007, but first and foremost he is a Bible-believing Christian.
The team holds regular chapel every saturday night, and even the non-believing members come for encouragement. But it hasn't stopped there.
Thanks to the influence of Kitna and a few other devout Christians on the team, Detroit is seeing a new unity in their NFL team. After every practice, the Lions pray together. And now Kitna holds a Bible study for the team every Monday night in his basement. What started as a small gathering has lead to a regular attendence of 40 team members and family, as well as almost 20 salvations and baptisms.
The team is now 3-1, proudly playing football with their new-found unity and inspiration.

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