Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Attitude! (the journey)

I had the opportunity to attend New Attitude in Louisville, Kentucky this year. What an amazing experience!

Since I have no homework to do over the summer, I plan on reviving my blog. I figure that there is no better way to start this than by recounting my time at New Attitude and relaying what I learned.

I was able to spend a day before the conference with my brother and his family, which was such a blessing. They allowed me to stay with them and then to ride with their church.

I must say, the young singles of Sovereign Grace Church are amazing. They welcomed me, an outsider, into their group and by the end of the very long drive (I still cannot figure out why we had to go through West Virginia for so long.) I felt as though I attended the church. What a great testimony to them!

Anne and I recorded some of the... interesting things which Kenny and Dan said through the trip, most of which is from Kenny creating new words.

"The purpose of a banshee is to be 'creepificating'."
"So they just went back to the town and started 'murderalizing'."
"That is when they weren't off hunting or 'warrioring'." - Kenny

"Three days later she woke up dead!" - Dan, discussing a woman who was bitten by a spider and died three days later. This became the joke of New Attitude and anytime anyone had a hurt of some kind Dan would chime in with "you better be careful or you might wake up dead!"

I must say that I was in the better of the two vans. Between Dan's amazing storytelling ability with his wild near-death pursuits and Kenny's imagination, Sara, Abby, Annie, and I were never bored.

The mountains of Tennessee and West Virginia are absolutely amazing.
Pictures courtesy of the lovely Abby Hinds.

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